A Bit About Myself

As a wife of almost 30 years, and mother to three adult children, I am very much a real person with real life experience. My relationship with God is a personal one. Religion is not a question for me. What is important is ‘my personal walk’.

I pride myself on honesty and loyalty, I am extremely easy to talk to and my people skills and emotional intelligence have allowed me to be extremely successful. I am an active listener, goal orientated and always up for a good belly laugh.

I am a naturally friendly outgoing person and enjoy many things including cooking, eating out, entertaining. Simply being with family and friends is important to me. I have made a great many friends, (of whom many were single).

Having worked as a recruitment manager for many years; matching candidates to their ideal roles, I’ve found myself in fortunate positions where I have been able to use these transferable skills to link people together. Over time, I’ve often found myself being a confidant, friend, agony aunt, all while helping others to realise their true worth and value both individually and in relationships. This along with a desire to see those close to me find their soulmate is a gift I realise I naturally have.

My highly organised, goal oriented but caring nature, provides a refreshing step away from the ‘meat market’ dating world, removing the need for you to swipe left or right, and offers you a bespoke, discreet, confidential, and personal matchmaking service.

Pauline Alexander

Founder & CEO

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