A Bit About Myself

As a wife of almost 30 years, and mother to three adult children, I am very much a real person with real life experience. I pride myself on honesty and loyalty, I am an active listener, goal orientated and always up for a good belly laugh.

I am a naturally friendly, outgoing person, and because of my people skills and emotional intelligence, I have accumulated a vast circle of friends (of whom many are single). Having worked as a recruitment manager for many years, matching ideal candidates to roles, I’ve found myself in fortunate positions where I have been able to use these transferable skills to link people together. Over the years, I’ve often found myself adopting the role of agony aunt, helping others to realise their true worth and value both individually and in relationships. This along with a desire to see those close to me find their soulmate is a gift I realise I naturally have.

My highly organised, goal orientated but caring nature, provides a step away from the ‘meat market’ dating world, removing the need for you to swipe left or right, and offers you a, bespoke, discreet, confidential and personal matchmaking service.

Pauline Alexander

Founder & CEO

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