The search for Love – Who Me?

The search for Love.

“Have you got a partner?” they will ask, trying to be all politically correct, and slick; killing two birds with one stone, checking your sexuality out all at the same time.

No! “Really, a pretty thing like you?”, Was often the response.

Creeping towards 37years old, the shame of past failed relationships danced in the etches of my mind.

As if a pretty face was all it took to be in a stable, happy, loving relationship.

If that was the case, not naming any Hollywood Movie stars with 8 marriages behind her, getting it wrong, marrying one man twice, proceeded to divorce him and marry a further two times. If a pretty face was all it took, surely that should have ended with number 1… Right?

The bible tells the story of two sisters in Genesis Chapter 29, it tells us that Leah had weak eyes, let’s put it in today’s terminology, she was butters and her eyes were crooked, brothers, you would have smiled at her and walked past, nice package and all that, but not a look you’d have been in a hurry to reproduce, and dear Uncle Laban knew this. Operation trick Jacob at the altar. Go ahead and read the full story for yourself! It’s there in black and white, if a pretty face was all it took to land Mr Right, there would have been no tribe of Judah, just JoJo and Lil Benji (Joseph & Benjamin) … RIGHT?

But a pretty face isn’t what it takes to find love, even the young ones on Love Island, swapping partners and sharing like hot donuts at a fair ground, even they are crying out “there needs to be a CONNECTION”. And sometimes not only does there need to be a connection, there needs to be a CONNECTOR, a match maker even, somebody that has the full measure of you and can match you with that somebody you’ve been looking for too. Look no further, half your battle is over as you’ve found BETROTHED People Of Faith and we are here to help you. We are an Exclusive Matchmaking Service that specialises in offering you a bespoke, confidential, holistic and discreet service, let’s get you started on your journey to love .

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